​​​​Our Commitment to High Quality Care
Our Commitment to High Quality care is something we are proud of, it is our way of showing our patients that we put their care as a top priority. It also shows health plans that we use evidence-based, and team based medicine and systematic processes to drive quality in our practice. 

January 1, 2015
RGV Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
In January 1, 2015 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Marcos Medical Care to be a part of the RGV Accountable Care Organization (ACO).  

What's an ACO? 

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers, who come together voluntarily to give coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients. 

The goal of coordinated care is to ensure that patients, especially the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing medical errors. When an ACO succeeds both in both delivering high-quality care and spending health care dollars more wisely, it will share in the savings it achieves for the Medicare program. 

Medicare offers several ACO programs / models:

Pioneer ACO Model — a program designed for early adopters of coordinated care. No longer accepting applications.Organizations across the country have already transformed the way they deliver care, in ways similar to the ACOs that Medicare supports. 

To learn more about our ACO please visit: http://www.rgvaco.com 
To learn more about ACO's visit: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/ACO/index.html 

PPRNET - Practice Partner Research Network
We believe that measurement is the foundation for improvement, and that what we measure must be as efficient as possible. That is the reason why we joined PPRNET. 

PPRNET is a practice based research network out of the Medical University of South Carolina. Our practice Marcos Medical Care Medicine joined PPRNET in 2015, having joined PPRNET has enabled our practice to track quality and identify areas of improvement in the care we give to our patients from quarter to quarter and year to year. Thanks to the qualified analysts at PPRNET our dedicated clinical staff can track more than 62 quality measures on all of our patient population. This process allows us to identify patients who are meeting specific criterions and patients who are not meeting criteria or are not at goal. 

The following is an example of how our practice tracks progress. We want to thank the PPRNET team who approved for us to show this information our website. To learn more about PPRNET research opportunities please visit: http://academicdepartments.musc.edu/pprnet 

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Blue Distinction Total Care is a designation awarded by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to doctors and hospitals recognized for their efforts in coordinating total patient care.

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